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Thursday, April 2, 2015


    Just 2 weeks after "The Accidental Wife" was released, it has climbed the Amazon sales chart! Yesterday, it was listed at 52,748. That means out of 1,600,000 books it is just hovering around status as a Best Seller! Only a few steady daily buys for the eBook or print will give me the facial surgery I'd love to have: A permanent smile!
     All the social media that is necessary to market a book is a circus in my head! Thirty years ago it was all "science fiction." Computers, ipads and pods, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, blogs, etc. etc. All are necessary to get VISIBILITY for your book. (Passing out business cards with your book cover and buy links on the back doesn't hurt either, I'm learning.)  Unless you are Diana Gabaldon (my idol) or Grisham or Clancy, you don't have time to relax and let the publisher do all the work. New novelists, especially, need to put on thinking caps and waders and plunge into a sea of a billion other hopeful authors to make waves in order to "catch on." Even WITH a publisher's help!
     This, of course, takes one away from what they need to do most: Write another book!  I started a sequel to TAW before the circus began. My hope is to carve out the time to finish it in a few months-if the sunshine and warm weather doesn't draw me outside for that needed dose of Vitamin D. After all, this is Minnesota. Winters are longer than summer here, and we do relish the heat.

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