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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Booger Chair Comes Clean!

  It rocks, it swivels, it began life as an orange tweed baby-rocking perch and grew into a re-covered family legend--after I learned about its nickname from my oldest daughter. Nestled in a bright corner of our living room, it has become the creative writing throne for the family author who today finished her newest novel, "Mitawin."  No Fooling!  This blog is for the legion of fans who asked to see where a masterpiece is born.

(Yes, it is hard to comprehend that so much that is so good can come from such a small place.  Of course, the rest of my home is somewhat neater than this. You know what they say about creative minds!)

WATCH THIS SITE FOR EXCERPTS FROM "MITAWIN" COMING SOON. A Chicago WC is on the agenda this month.

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